matlab中的any函数(the function of "any" in matlab)

any   True if any element of a vector is a nonzero number or is logical 1 (TRUE).  any ignores entries that are NaN (Not a Number).

   any函数是用来判断向量中是否含有非零数或者是逻辑1的,但是any函数        会忽略那些不是数字的项。

    For vectors, any(V) returns logical 1 (TRUE) if any of the elements of the vector is a nonzero number or is logical 1 (TRUE). Otherwise it returns logical 0 (FALSE).  For matrices, any(X) operates on the columns of X, returning a row vector of logical 1's and 0's.  For multi-dimensional arrays, any(X) operates on the first non-singleton dimension.


    any(X,DIM) works down the dimension DIM.  For example, any(X,1)  works down the first dimension (the rows) of X.